About Us

After decades of practical trading experience in the Forex, Stocks and Crypto markets, our team decided to share our vast knowledge and information over the years with the public through our online trading education program.

At StevesMethod, we have a clear goal, to train as many people as possible from all over the world to be successful traders who can make a primary or secondary income through online trading. Trading online, whether it is in  Forex, Stocks or Crypto, requires diverse skills from completely different fields and aspects, such as analytical thinking, basic and advanced math, self-control and discipline, risk calculation, and more.

We are aware that some of the terms we just mentioned might sound intimidating to someone who has never traded and this is the first time he ever came to learn about trading. For that reason, we built our set of courses and tutorials so that if this is the first time you have heard terms such as Bitcoin, Japanese Yen or Exom stock, you will still be able to acquire all the relevant skills needed to become a for a successful trader within a short period of time.