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Our Student Course Intended to train both new and advanced traders who want to trade in order to generate secondary or main income by being able to trade both in the forex and crypto markets.The Student course ensures that you develop a clear understanding of how the forex and the cryptocurrency market works and how to find the most profitable assets to trade on.

What Will you learn?

Practical knowledge of Forex and Cryptocurrency trading so you have a trading opportunity at any time.During the course you will also learn how to identify entry points which is the most important factor which it comes to online daily trading.In addition, you will learn several trading strategies so you be able to better control you portfolio and minimize risks.

What you will Get?

✓ 18 Cryptocurrency video lessons
✓ Basic Forex Education,  Crypto, Fibonacci, Understanding Candlestick, Chart formation, Forex Indicators – Lessons
✓ Trading Signals  – Weekly
✓ Daily hot market review
✓ Advanced Trading Strategies


✓ Computer / Smartphone with connection while watching
✓ A desire to learn and succeed