StevesMethod (Herein: “The Company”), , trains private traders to trade independently in financial assets, with the aim of creating monthly income as an independent endeavor, or in tandem with other livelihood sources. The Company also serves the goal of advancing, deepening, and widening the professional knowledge of traders and capital market players.

Surfing on the site and usage therein is subordinate to the agreement of the surfer and/or user, to the terms heretofore detailed. The Company reserves for itself the right to update the terms of use periodically in keeping with its exclusive discretion, and without the need to transmit any advance notice, and these conditions are binding from the moment they are published on the site. It will be clarified that the following conditions relate equally to both the individual person and a body of more than one individual, and males and females alike regardless of the expressed party addressed. If you do not agree to any of the conditions of the terms of use, you are not authorized to use this site any longer. It is hereby clarified that the Company, its managers, employers, stock owners, and any party acting on its behalf, who function in whatever capacity on the site, do not bear an advisor’s license and/or that of a portfolio manager according to any law, and do not avow to advise any person regarding the worthiness of a security acquisition, the sale of a security holding or investment, along with other financial assets. Therefore, one is best served to not see in any of the information appearing on the site, its notices, forums, figures, and any other material released on the site as a form of recommendation or professional opinion as stated prior, and anyone making any form of decision-based on the information appearing on the site is doing so on his sole responsibility. The user attests that he knows that nothing on the site can serve as an alternative to counsel that takes into consideration the distinct needs and personal requirements of either himself or another, and that trading financial assets may lead to losses. It is possible that the Company, its managers, workers and any other serving on its behalf who function in the site’s capacity, may have a personal interest in any matter arising on the site, and it is possible that they hold a specific financial assets noted on the site, the company’s trading room, email services and any other service provided by the company. The website and all its services and content are for educational purposes only and users are not allowed to be involved in any real trading. In no event shell, the educational activities of the Company be deemed to involve the offer or purchase or sale or the trading in of a “security” with the meaning of the U.S Securities Act of 1933.

Money-Back Guarantee

During the initial 14 days, the Student may cancel his/her participation in the program and receive a full refund. This will remain in effect during the initial 14 days. A demo practice account will be provided and may be used during this period.

Site Usage

The site is for personal usage alone, and one should not employ it for any commercial and/or wholesale need. In general, no payment is charged for site usage, but it may be that parts of the site may be accessible only for-pay.

The website content and intellectual property- the information published on the site, and the respective way in which it has been formulated, are the exclusive property of the Company. Any information and/or material found and/or viewable on the site are exclusive Company possession, whether published by itself or a site user or another third party, though that notwithstanding, do not place responsibility on the Company for the published material, as stated in the clause limiting its responsibility mandate. There is an absolute prohibition to copy, publish, rewrite, or make any other use of any site information without explicit written advance permission from the Company.

All of the trading indicators appearing on the site are under the exclusive ownership of the Company or the ownership of another third party. Any unauthorized use of the said trading indicators is absolutely forbidden, except if explicit authorization was received in advance in writing from the Company and /or the same side in whose possession the trading indicators are found. The site and the information appearing there are protected by copyright laws of international charters and the copyright laws of other companies.

The Company reserves for itself the exclusive right to make changes to the site at all time, for any reason, without giving any advance notice and without creating any liability or financial obligation from its side.

Information usage and privacy protection

The user hereby gives his authorization for the Company to exercise computerized supervision of his service usage (including through “cookies” and similar means) and use any of the said information for the sake of monitoring and/or supervision and/or development and/or for the preservation of quality service, its respective level and acceptability and/or for the sake of the fulfillment of the ordinance of any law. Without detracting from anything stated above, the Company is authorized to:

A. Transmit the user details to a third party for the sake of collecting moneys (were they to be owed) by the user to the Company due to services rendered, as long as the third party committed itself to keeping confidential any information relayed to it regarding the user.

B. To transmit the user information to another or other parties in accordance with legal authority.

C. To make use of the user information and other information in the Company’s hands with regard to the user for the purposes of the Company. The user hereby gives the Company his authorization to make use of the user information for the sake of the receipt of updates and/or materials and/or advertising and/or marketing information through the means of his

email. An annulment of one’s agreement will be carried out through a written letter to the Company, and will be effectuated in regard to new publications, whose delivery is yet to be completed. The Company is authorized to use and collect the details transmitted by the user, for the Company database, for commercial purposes.

It will be elucidated that the Company will act according to its best ability to protect the user privacy on the site, and employs reasonable means to preserve the aforementioned information. Despite what has been said, the Company will be authorized to reveal information in its relationship with the user according to any said law and/or in connection with legal processes and/or for the sake of protecting the Company and anyone acting on its behalf.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Bulgaria.





These General Terms, along with any attachments or other documents incorporated by reference, are collectively referred to as “the Agreement”. The Agreement, as amended from time to time, is the document which governs the contractual relationship between you (also referred to as “the Student“) and ONL EDUCATION LTD concerning the services provided by us.


ONL EDUCATION LTD is a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria with the Bulgarian Commercial Registrar and the Registrar of NPLE under UIC 205197062 (“the Company”).


The Company provides a school model for education/courses of individuals to trade with currencies (FOREX) and other financial instruments via different types of electronic platforms.

The Company reserves the right to change the content of the education/courses, learning methods and the duration of the courses at its sole discretion. The Student will follow the Company’s regulations at all times.

Each accepted Student will be entitled to the services mentioned in the Registration Form. All courses are based on the services as described and updated in the Company’s website from time to time and provided for the duration mentioned in the Registration Form.

Additional Notes

This General Terms may vary at the Company’s sole discretion, as long as any variations are applied consistently toward all students participating in the same program and published on the Company’s official website or notified to the Student through any other means. Any violation of the terms of this Agreement (including any variation to the terms which is properly published or notified as mentioned above), may result in warning and/or a temporary or a permanent removal from the program, without refund of Student’s tuition or any other amounts paid to the Company.


Neither this agreement nor the Company’s website constitute an offer or solicitation to sell shares or securities in the Company or any related or associated company, nor do they constitute or form part of, nor should they be construed as, any offer for sale or subscription of, or any invitation to offer to purchase or subscribe for, any securities, nor should they nor any part of them form the basis of, or be relied on in any connection with, any contract or commitment whatsoever. The Student acknowledges that the purpose of the information provided by the Company in the courses, lessons, websites, trading room, email and/or otherwise (hereinafter “Information”) is for educational and training purposes only. The Student acknowledges that he or she are aware that the Information does not constitute any investment advice nor recommendation nor is a substitute for investment advice, taking into account the special needs of each person. The Student acknowledges that it was brought to his or her attention that the course instructors and/or the Company are not licensed to provide investment advice nor portfolio management. The Student further acknowledges that all demonstration, training exercises and other activities that may be included in the program will be performed in demo mode only and not for real money, and shall not involve any actual trading in currencies, securities or other financial instruments of any kind. The Student hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waives any current and future claim against the Company and its instructors, owners, directors, officers and other employees and agents (the “Released Parties”) for any loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind whatsoever that the Student might incur as a result of, or in connection with, any instruction or other content of any kind provided in the course of the program or the Student’s use of such instruction or content, or for any other act or omission of the Released Parties. The Company expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any direct or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from: (i) Student’s reliance on any information contained in the Company’s website or this agreement, (ii) any error, omission or inaccuracy in any such information or (iii) any action resulting therefrom.

Important Clarification

The Company provides a school model for education/courses of individuals to trade with currencies (FOREX) and other financial instruments via different types of electronic platforms and does not provide funded live accounts or sub-accounts or any financial and investment intermediary services and does not have a license to conduct any dealing, trading, any act or advertisement, solicitation, conduct or negotiation directly or indirectly in furtherance of trading or brokerage or dealing of securities or any other instruments. The Company does not accept clients for trading or investment activities.

Any materials, news, research, analyses, prices or other information offered by the Company is provided only for educational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage, including without limitation to any loss of profit which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.

The courses/lessons are only for educational purposes and not for providing advices or to conduct any dealing, trading, any act or advertisement, solicitation, conduct or negotiation directly or indirectly in furtherance of trading or brokerage or dealing of securities or any other instruments.


If any provision of this Agreement becomes or is deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any applicable jurisdiction by reason of the scope, extent or duration of its coverage, then such provision shall be deemed amended to the minimum extent necessary to conform to applicable law so as to be valid and enforceable or, if such provision cannot be so amended without materially altering the intention of the parties, then such provision shall be stricken and the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect. If any provision of this Agreement is rendered illegal by any present or future statute, law, ordinance or regulation (collectively, the “Law”) then that provision shall be curtailed or limited only to the minimum extent necessary to bring the provision into compliance with the Law. All the other terms and provisions of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect without impairment or limitation.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

This Agreement is to be construed under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus. Any dispute in connection with this Agreement shall be finally settled by the competent courts of the Republic of Cyprus.